Dia de Mulheres

Monday, April 7th was a national holiday here in Mozambique – Dia de Mulheres Moçambicanas, or Mozambican Women’s Day. Let me just say, Mozambican women are definitely something to be celebrated. They are incredible. These women wake up at the crack of dawn to work on the farms, carry water, clean, wash clothes by hand, cook (which often requires pounding peanuts into flour, cracking and grating coconuts, washing hundreds of leaves, killing and plucking chickens, lighting tiny coal grills, and much more), many of them have second jobs they go to, and they do all of this with a baby tied to their back. Here are a few pictures from the festivities in Mapinhane:


Marching through our town whilst singing, clapping, and chanting.


Posing with some lovely Mapinhane women! :)


Some of the girls in our village performing a dance.


More dancing…


Maria and I posing with some students.


And here are some unrelated pictures of recent Mapinhane happenings:


We have kittens!


Avocado season (also known as the best time of the year). Sorry the guac is blurry… I was a little too excited to snap a good photo.


Annnd I gave my second test of the trimester.



  1. So wonderful!! Women’s day looked awesome! Also, I wanna hear more about these kittens. Did you find them? What are their names? Will you bring them back home with you?!

  2. Their story is pretty complicated – they were born in our shed, there were originally three, now there are two, and we have pretty good reason to believe that one is from another momma cat! Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to bring them home with me :(

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