I’m going to eat all the ice cream

I’m going to eat all the ice cream. Mint chocolate chip ice cream. Cookies and cream ice cream. Strawberry ice cream. Butter pecan ice cream. Cookie dough ice cream. Homemade peach ice cream with real peaches. Plain old vanilla ice cream. Hot fudge sauce (with ice cream). Pile it on. I’m going to eat it all. This is my mission before I leave for Mozambique. I think I can do it. If you would like to donate to the Feed the Sarah Fund, Ice Cream Edition, also known as the 10 pounds in 10 weeks challenge, pints and/or checks can be sent to my home address in Alabama. If you would like to join me in this important endeavor, you can find me at the local Marble Slab or in the frozen foods section at Earth Fare, rocking the sweatpants. You can also find me crying in the gym locker room at Sweat Fitness and/or Health Plus. Sacrifice is a big part of this challenge, as it is necessary for any true accomplishment. Cards of encouragement are also welcome. I really appreciate your support.



  1. Eat all the ice cream. Do it. And if you can find some way to get to a Jeni’s icecream shop, EAT ALL THE ICECREAM. :)

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