What’s next?

Something very exciting, yet strangely anti-climactic happened yesterday. I think I finally got medical clearance… yes, for Peace Corps, that dream I first started talking about ages ago (when I couldn’t write, apparently). If you don’t know my whole saga, it’s kind of ridiculous. Here’s a quick summary:

Sarah has lifelong dream of becoming a Peace Corps volunteer, applies, interviews, gets nominated, undergoes the necessary extensive medical examination, test comes back abnormal, graduates, has minor surgery, finds out she has a rare genetic kidney disease, moves back home, gets six month medical deferment from Peace Corps, juggles kidney doctors and medicines and opinions, moves to a new city, starts a new life and a new job (actually starts three, quits two), continues to see doctors and wait for their OK to resubmit medical file, gets the OK an absurd amount of time later, navigates confusion over PC’s new application system and new contacts to get necessary papers in,

AND THEN, yesterday, I got a simple, quick email from my new nurse:

Hi Sarah,

Your file has been reviewed by our Medical Advisor and I have been given the go ahead to pre clear you. Placement has been notified regarding your pre clearance. As soon as a suitable placement is found, you will be notified.


Wait… what? This three-sentence email contained the message I’ve waited to hear for over a YEAR, now – the message I convinced myself I was probably never going to get. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I probably read the email ten times until I started crying. It doesn’t really take that long to read three sentences ten times. I don’t know why I started crying. I figured it was probably not the best thing to be doing at work, so I went for a walk around Independence Hall. A strong, cold wind whipped my hair across my face and dried my tears. The sun was shining, a rare sight as of late. My body was walking, but my mind was floating about thirty feet in the air until I found myself standing in front of good ole’ Commodore Barry. I looked up at him, with his outstretched hand and far-off gaze that seemed to indicate a simple, profound, “Go.” And then I laughed at my ridiculously melodramatic thoughts. (But I was still totally feelin’ it). At some point I called my parents to give them the news, and then slowly wandered back towards the office.


Sir Commodore Barry

The thing is, I’m really hesitant to get excited. After all, what is a pre clear? Is it not synonymous with clear? What is a suitable placement? Do I now have greater limitations on where I could serve? Has my original nomination changed? How soon is soon? What if my application is no longer competitive enough to get a placement? And, most importantly, is this for real? Because it is way too early to be pulling some April Fools, y’all! Basically, I have a lot of questions, and no answers. The initial thrill of the email has worn off and I’ve realized I don’t really know much more about my future than I did last week. What’s next? Well, I don’t know. So here, why don’t you enjoy these ‘grams from my recent adventures:


This girl finally came to visit!


We went to go see Black Horse Motel up in Northern Liberties,


did some general Philly exploring


walked around the Magic Gardens,


and then headed to the big NYC, y’all!


Ain’t she a beaut?


We got some top-notch entertainment while enjoying the convenience of public transportation,


and we made it all the way up to Harlem to see another friend’s stompin’ ground!


We adventured together


and took an obligatory Times Square picture.


I made myself a stellar breakfast and reminisced a great weekend. (Mug and blanket – both new purchases. They’re fabulous, no?)


Then of course, made more great food. Lots of good eats recently, folks. I might post some recipes soon!


Oh, and I went to the ballet!


And I’m slowly getting back into a regular running regimen… though rest and relaxation sounds like a much nicerrrrr alliteration right about now.


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  1. Ahh Sarah! I’m so excited for you! I know you don’t have many details but it must feel great to have gone through all that medical stuff and now know that it paid off and you can continue with your dream! Please keep me updated :)

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