Is it really that hard?

This is a general complaint, addressed to everyone in the 21st century… but maybe specifically to certain people, as all general complaints generally are. With the many, many forms of communication that exist nowadays, why do we have such a hard time communicating? It takes all of one minute to reply to an email, a text, a facebook message or comment, call someone back, tweet back, heck snapchat someone, write a letter – whatever.

I know the task may seem ominous at first. When you make the tough decision to click on your inbox, who knows what could be in there?! What if your boss wants you to get off pinterest and file some things? What if your roommate sent yet another email about your late rent? What if the police are trying to get a hold of you and arrest you for not paying that one parking ticket? It’s a mixed bag, so you might as well just uhh pretend you didn’t see their messages and continue on with your pointless time-wasting activity. NO! No, no, no, NO. Do not do this. Whoever is trying to get in touch with you deserves a response. Really. I recently went on a date with a guy who got drunk on two beers (did he pregame?), spent the whole time talking about his depressing family situation, and awkwardly smashed his face into my hair for about thirty seconds when I tried to give him a goodbye side-hug. It may have taken me a week, but I finally replied to his text messages and told him that I just wasn’t interested. You see, the person trying to contact you is another human being. They have a reason for contacting you, and they know that you have read their email/text or listened to their voice-mail (unless you’re like me, in which case you never listen to voice-mail, but that’s beside the point). It’s like we all have this weird communication phobia. But COME ON people, is it really that hard?

My job requires me to answer emails and phone-calls constantly, and though some of them are not fun to deal with, I do it. It’s basic human decency. Especially if it is part of your job. If someone is waiting on your response, it is way better to go through the uncomfortable thirty seconds of crafting a reply than to run into them at the grocery store two months later. Maybe you had more important things to deal with, maybe you forgot, but most likely you’re just being a silly coward. And for what reason? If you’re lucky, the socially snubbed will be quick to forgive your communication faux pas because they knowingly do the same thing all the time. Which is likely the case because everybody does this. It’s like an epidemic.

So this is my plea to end the epidemic. Let’s just grow a pair and start behaving like mature adults, okay?


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