I can fall in love with you

I can fall in love with you like a cup of coffee.

You’re hot, in front of me right now,

maybe a little different from the last cup I drank I can’t really remember.

Perhaps there’s something new about the roast,

the sweat of the workers that picked your beans


I want to know their story.

I want to sit with you for a while, suck in your warmth,

let it fill me with that jittery, fleeting kind of energy.

I want to taste everything new

and everything old, familiar – comfort. continuity.

You are the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had.

You are every cup of coffee I’ve ever had.


You are getting cold,

our time is almost up and I’m thinking about work.

I drain the last few drops and

they aren’t as delicious or enticing as the first.

You’re gone.

Am I disappointed? I don’t know…

nah. That’s that.



  1. Awesome, Sarah. I like the analogy a lot.
    Also, nice blog layout! I’m starting with Blogger, but I think I’ll try for something similar.

  2. Will do! It’s going a bit slowly, but yeah I’ll keep you posted.

  3. ok, here I am: http://luthercrogers.wordpress.com/
    Turns out blogger templates kinda suck. I’m pretty fond of Google, but wordpress finally won me over. Anyway, let me know what you think!

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