Cicadas and Gulls, Feist

I love it when this happens. I found a gem of a song that the rest of the world seemed to know about, but which completely passed me by. In fact, I didn’t really give Feist’s 2011 album much of a listen at all, and I have no idea why. I had to work on Saturday, so I stayed in Friday night – and thus recorded a semi-okay cover of “Cicadas and Gulls” (below). I’ve also been playing “The Bad in Each Other” on repeat for the last fifteen minutes and dancing around the living room, which I highly recommend. Man. In other news there are supposed to be a lot of great albums coming out this year – maybe I’ll try and post about them so I don’t miss them. Maybe. And maybe I’ll learn how to actually play my guitar. And maybe I’ll find a cure for cancer.


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