The real world

Well today I just feel like a bona-fide adult. I woke up, made some coffee, grabbed an apple, went to the polls, and walked to work proudly wearing my “I voted today!” sticker. Yup. In the real world, people do their civic duty, they drink coffee, they go to a 9-5 job where they sit in front of a computer, they eat a salad or a sandwich or Chinese take-out on their lunch break, they go to the gym after work, or maybe they get a little crazy and go to happy hour, they go home and make some dinner, read a book or something, get in bed, do it all again the next day. They have health insurance, paychecks, weekends, vacation days, maybe even a sense of purpose – things really aren’t so bad. They really aren’t so bad. They really aren’t.

But oh, oh man. What about traveling the world? What about fighting injustice? What about solidarity with the poor? What happened to changing the system, sticking it to the man, spreading the word that this isn’t actually the way things are in the REAL world? Am I still the 99%? Am I now the 1%? I’m certainly not a millionaire, but in comparison with those living in the REAL world, I might as well be. What am I doing? I really don’t know. I’m only 22. Life unfolds itself pretty slowly. I’ll keep you updated.

I’m gonna eat some lunch. Midday life crisis averted.


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