Binders full of women

I hate to get political (kind of). But REALLY? Come on, folks. Having grown up in the South, I used to keep my opinions to myself. I was often in the minority and I’m not a huge fan of conflict, so I would just avoid saying what I thought. But the Republican party is a disgrace right now. Politicians are pretty much always dirty scumbags, and this country’s “democracy” needs a serious makeover… but the GOP is on a completely different level. With the exception of the beginning statements, this clip just about sums up my thoughts:

Oh, and also, this is one of the greatest memes I’ve seen. Ever.

Okay, enough about important issues like gender equality and national elections, let’s talk about me. I recently wrote a draft for a post entitled “Funemployment,” which I though was super clever. Unfortunately… and fortunately, I will not be publishing that post because I will not be (f)unemployed! Yay! Yes, I quit my job at the cool wine/beer/cheese bar. My last night was on Tuesday. I’m a little sad I suppose – the people were all very cool and very nice. There was a lot of friend potential. However the schedule and the pay were pretty bad, and I don’t think I’m cut out for restaurant work. My new gig will be working for the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania, and I’m pretty pumped! Normal hours, weekends, a lunch break, decent pay – I can’t believe I’m going to have a real job that will enable me to save money and still survive.

And I have a whole five days before I start work again. And I’ll be going back to Furman for homecoming this weekend. Seriously, somebody pinch me. No don’t. I don’t want to wake up.


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  1. Drew

    afjdkal;jf dalfjdals;jfdals; – that’s how happy i am right now

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