Letters and scones

Is there anything better than getting mail? I declare that there is not. Whether it is a sweet letter from a dear friend, a surprise gift, or an envelope filled with pictures of otters and inspirational poetry – getting mail reminds me that I am cared for, and what a great thing to know. I can be rather dramatic, and when I go through long periods of time without seeing or hearing from someone, I become convinced that they forgot I exist and that our friendship must have been an illusion. Silly? Quite. Nevertheless, I am currently a self-centered pity-party of misery and despair – Am I wasting my life? What the heck am I doing? Why does real life suck so much? Thus, the recent influx of mail has been MUCH appreciated. So much so, that I decided to pull out my stationary and pay it forward! Kindness really does breed kindness. One smile shared turns into two, four, eight, then eventually a million smiles spread across the world – just like that. So when you read this, do something for me – smile at a stranger today, or better yet, write a letter to someone and let them know you care. Okay, pull me off the cheese train.

Aside from writing letters, I’ve spent my day making vegan pumpkin spice scones (delish!), sipping coffee, and doing a little bit of yoga. Talk about a good day. I’d share the recipe, but I don’t remember exactly what I did – typical Sarah-style baking, a substitution here and there until it hardly resembles the original formula… but I say innovation is the spice of life! Baha, literally.

Well this has been a ramble. But I hope it will inspire you to do some letter writing or scone making yourself because they’re both lovely things to do. Cheers!


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