The big secret

You know when you’re just scrolling down your facebook newsfeed, and all of a sudden somebody throws GOD at you? Like: “Cheesy status about God.” I’m not gonna lie, my typical reaction is usually something along these lines: “What a phony, self-righteous goob. God could care less if you post a facebook status about Him.”  It’s this knee-jerk negative reaction. Unless of course the person with said status is a good friend or a religious figure, in which case I usually like it. Odd? Yes. I’m a religious person myself, though I can’t say my faith is of admirable strength – it goes through deaths and rebirths like the seasons. But I want to get down to the bottom of why the God facebook status is so bothersome.

I think it’s because we don’t like it when other people try to own God. I guarantee there are religious people out there who have exactly the opposite political and social views from you, and I bet you anything they claim God supports their views. You don’t like that very much. So when they try and claim God and talk about God like He’s on their side, it just rubs you the wrong way. Sometimes, it can even make you feel strangely distant from God, like maybe He really is on their side. But let me tell you a big secret…

NOBODY really knows anything about God

Sure, we all have our different religious texts and reliable sources and direct experiences even. Your faith may be strong enough to compel you to say you know certain things about God, and that’s great. But we also cannot ignore the fact that something you know to be true may directly contradict what somebody else knows to be true. I’ll leave discussion of this conundrum for another post.

My sole purpose of discussing this big secret is to give you some hope. So many people write-off religion because they get turned off by what somebody they don’t like said about God. In some weird paradoxical way, hearing others talk about God like they know Him can make us feel estranged from Him. We think that God belongs to this or that group of people, and since we don’t agree with all of their beliefs, we can’t also know God. It’s this black and white, my side your side, all or nothing mindset that is just silly, silly, silly. Nobody owns God, and we all know different things about Him. Some of these things may resonate with you, some may not. We don’t know if any of these things are true, but maybe if we put them all out there we can make a really great collage that takes us one step closer to knowing our Creator.

So I’ll tell you what I know about God. He exists. He may be a Her. He loves you. He wants to know you. He knows way more than them, and way more than you. He loves them too.


One comment

  1. Sarah this is awesome. I have the exact same reaction to God on Facebook. It is frustrating, and I agree that it’s easy to resent God for it. Like “Jesus freaks” give all us believers a bad rap… Or that’s how I feel. But who knows, maybe that status is up there in order to test our faith, and know that despite the Facebook Christians, God is above it all. Food for thought :)

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