I’m rested and I’m ready to begin

Guess what? I have a home! Thank you, sweet Jesus, I have a home with beautiful floors, a backyard, and a fireplace. You should come and see it. I am now taking calls for visitors, come one come all. Actually, give us a week or two to make everything lovelier. Then your face will be the perfect finishing touch.

Incase you can’t tell, the situation I wrote about in my previous post has now been resolved and we are finally in the last phase of the moving process. Last night we lit some citronella candles and drank some beer in our backyard before retiring to real beds. And now, in the words of the Avett Brothers (check out their new album on NPR’s first listen!), I’m rested and I’m ready to begin my Philadelphia life. Some happenings:

-I wrote a piece for LIFT about the poverty simulation I helped facilitate, it should be published soon!

-I have an interview coming up at the Nationalities Service Center to become an ESL teacher.

-I’ve learned a lot of things thus far at Tria (my restaurant job), including the fact that goats have the agility of a cat, and they can climb trees. Observe:

Crazy, right? I will be learning A LOT at work, so in future posts keep your eyes peeled for new fun facts! (Although this one might  be difficult to top)

Unfortunately I don’t really have much else to write about at the moment… and I also don’t have very many pictures to share. Unless you want to look at pictures of our old peeling floors, in which case I have about a million. I did buy a nice little stack of books to read on my birthday and I’m about halfway through The Catcher in the Rye. Annnd I bought a plane ticket to go back to Furman for Homecoming! But that’s really all. No news is good news, yes? I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day! I will be laboring :(

And I realized I lied about not having pictures to share. Enjoy.

Birthday books!

City Life.

City transportation

Lovely bridge crossing the Schuykill

Our not so lovely old, slippery, peeling floors.


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  1. great pictures sarah. love the photo diary of your new life in da’burg.

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