The birds and the bees

(Contrary to what thoughts the title of this entry may provoke, I actually mean to write of birds and bees.)

Dear World,

It is 70 degrees, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the pansies are shooting up from their pots, a thin film of pollen covers everything in sight, a soft breeze rustles the baby green leaves and sends a ripple through the South Carolina flag hanging above me on the front porch… it’s that time. Spring has most definitely sprung. As I lounge in my rocking chair this morning, watching a bright red cardinal flit from tree to tree, an overwhelming sense of satisfaction warms my heart and lifts my spirits. A bee keeps me company, buzzing around the flowers at my feet. Oh man. This is perfection. Thank God for Spring. Thank God for honey, for fresh fruit and coffee, for pastels, for clear skies, for herbs, for kind letters, for magnolia trees, for the Swamp Rabbit Trail, for bicycles and rollerblades, for chalk, for butterflies, for Easter egg hunts and chocolatey grins, for sunrise yoga, for wildflowers, for farmer’s markets, for shades upon shades upon shades of green. Can you tell that I am pleased?

But wait. Let us take a moment of silence for the caterpillars. This is a treacherous and painful season for these furry beasts. Brutally massacred by children, exterminated by pest control patrols, squashed under tires and sneakers – there were sections of the trail yesterday that looked like the aftermath of a losing caterpillar battle. (It was not pretty.) Thank you, valiant caterpillars for your perseverance and your resilience. For those of you that make it to the next phase of life, may your miraculous metamorphosis rival all the beauty of the earth, as any true admirer knows it will.

On a more serious note, I only have one month left of college. ONE MONTH. That is all. Where has the time gone? If that question makes your particularly angsty, as it does for me, I highly recommend this:

I must admit that my academic performance this semester has been sub-par, and I can only see it getting worse from here on out. Should I care? Possibly. This is likely one of those times that I will realize, a year too late, that I completely screwed myself over. Do I care? No. Let’s be honest, I can’t see my future self (or anyone else for that matter) remembering whether I got an A or a C- on that final paper. My sole intent for the next month is to have fun and enjoy the company of dear friends.

For those of you that are concerned about my future, I do still plan to join the Peace Corps. Unfortunately, my placement is currently on hold due to some medical complications. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks in and out of doctor’s offices, and will be seeing a kidney specialist this Thursday to hopefully get things squared away for good. I don’t see any serious medical complications or diagnosis coming out of this, just the drudgery of paperwork and trying to get things turned in on time, so no need to be too concerned!

Well, I don’t want to bore you with further ramblings and lists of my recent activities. I think a much better use of your time would be to go outside and celebrate SPRING! So, as usual, I’ll leave you all with some snapshots of my life. Now go play!

David and I dressed up for Chi-O Formal

Afternoon tea for my research focus group

One of the gglittles and I reppin’ at the stroll competition

The beautiful luminary display at Relay for Life

The flowers I started on Saturday morning

Garden work day on Saturday, followed by brunch on the picnic table!

All dressed up for Jr. Sr.

A pre-dance skate session. Necessary.


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