A moment to breathe

I am less than two months from graduation. This is unreal. It’s not that I’m not ready to graduate. There are plenty of things about Furman that I am more than excited to leave behind. But I’m already heartsick for the places and characters I’ve come to love. It’s a hard pill to swallow, knowing that friends will never again be this easy or this close, life will never be so simple and straightforward. There’s really only one path through undergrad – a slow, sometimes carefree, sometimes miserable march towards graduation. And I’m almost there. Past the finish line, there’s nothing but wide-open space. It’ll be nice to feel that openness for a while, but direction is nice too. Hopefully I will have a placement sooner rather than later! In the meantime, here’s a very brief overview of the semester thus far, in pictures.

Suze and I spent a lovely afternoon chalking and talking on Bald Rock, soaking up the beauty of South Carolina and some late winter rays. Perfection.

Rollerblading is possibly my new favorite form of exercise!

I haven’t been great about photographing all my creations, but as usual, I’ve been cooking a lot. For this Evening With we had quinoa cakes with a pineapple salsa and sweet potato fries. I think we had cherry almond dark chocolate bark for dessert. This is from earlier in the semester, but over the past week (I’m home on Spring Break) I’ve been experimenting a ton – and I haven’t used a recipe once. So far everything’s turned out great! I love the freedom and creativity of cooking with whatever’s around.

Crafting for Valentine’s Day is always a must.

Just a random weeknight chubby bunny contest. I don’t think it’s possible for me to love my housemates more than I already do.

FUtones recording weekend in Nashville was a blast! I went down early with a small group, got to see one of my best friends who goes to school in Nashville, and spend a TON of time with my favorite group of people. It was too much fun. Hopefully our new cd will be ready for purchase at our Spring Concert!

I got to see my amazing big for the first part of Spring Break in Panama City. We lounged around, cooked fresh fish and shrimp, went out dancing, walked on the beach… it was wonderful in every way possible.

Sadie and I spent most of Saturday hiking and playing at the park. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day.

Well, that’s all for now. I’ve got a good bit of work to do before heading back to Greenville to finish this year off right! Hopefully I’ll get a post or two in before graduation, but I’m not making any promises. However, you can definitely expect to hear from me as soon as I hear back about my placement, after my cross-country road trip with Jasmine, and during the month or two of down-time I expect to have in late May/June.

Some words of wisdom from Pinterest: “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.”

Here’s to the future!


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