Well folks, this year’s a big one.

And by this year, I mean 2012 baby!!! Life is good, boy is life good. I love new years. I love making new years resolutions. My lists are usually… ehhhh like 100-ish lines long? At least. Because of course I have to include everything I could possibly improve upon. And you know what? I love that I always fail to keep them all. After all if I kept them, I would become perfect… and that would be SO boring. So, in order to spare you the long list of the many ridiculous ways in which I could become more boring, I will instead give you some new years analogies. (Also because whenever somebody lists their resolutions it makes you think, hmmm I should put that on my list too, and then you start feeling competitive, and the whole thing blows up in your face by January 15th) (ALSO also, because I hope these analogies will encourage you to look upon the new year with an air of excitement and innovation). So without further ado:

A new year is like waking up to a phone call with an automated message telling you classes are cancelled due to the snow. You look through your window, and sure enough, the ground is covered in a fresh white blanket of fluffy goodness – sparkling and untouched. Take advantage of your freedom! Go and build that dream snow fort, complete with a slide and secret igloo room. Assemble a big, icy snowball and hurl it into the face of that jerk you despise. Flap out a couple of snow angels, and sled on something unconventional (like that inflatable chair you had back in 1990 something). Make the best hot chocolate you’ve ever tasted, and bundle up by the fire.

A new year is like putting on a pair of brand new sneakers for the second time. They’re broken in just enough to be comfy, and those babies have got some serious mileage on them. Who knows where they’ll take you?!

A new year is like discovering your new favorite place. We’ll say it’s a coffee shop. You walk in, the pictures on the wall are original and well-placed, there are bookshelves full of interesting reads, seating looks cozy, lighting is warm and effective (not too dim, not too bright), the people seem creative and kind, and you want to try absolutely everything on the menu. You’ve found it. This will be the place where you meet good friends, laugh good laughs, make good memories.

A new year is like stepping out of a steaming hot shower. The mirror is completely fogged over, and you have an unlimited amount of time to get ready for the big night. Meaning you can play the perfect soundtrack, draw plenty of silly mirror faces, blow-dry your hair like you’re doing a windy photo shoot or some cheesy pop music video.  Go ahead, pour yourself a glass of wine and lounge around in your robe or pj’s. No need to fret about what to wear – you’ve got plenty of options and plenty of time. And you’ve got the right attitude, so it’s sure to be a good time.

A new year is like opening a new cookbook… with a gift card to Whole Foods inside. Every recipe includes your favorite ingredients, and takes 45 minutes at most. All those recipes you’ve never tried but always wanted to. Yup, all in this book. For free.

A new year is like a blind date. Actually, let’s stay away from that analogy. A new year is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.

Okay, whatever, that wasn’t my analogy. Anyways, the point of New Years is that you’ve got a tabula rasa (or at least the illusion of having a tabula rasa if you want to be a debbie downer) and you can make of it whatever you want. I must say, I’m pumped. My 2012 is pretty stacked. First, I’ve got my last semester of undergrad, which I’ve heard is the best. Then, I get to graduate and finally be done with the twisted mess that is Furman University. Summer will be summer, and I’ve left it fairly open for now – I may learn how to surf, or maybe I’ll take a nice long road trip and see the Grand Canyon, or visit my sister in Philly, or live with my wonderful big in Panama City, we’ll see…TBD. Then, come September, I will likely be headed off to Africa for my next big adventure. :)

Oh, and how was my Christmas? It was just wonderful. I hope yours was too! Here’s a whole slew of pictures for you.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…

Sadie’s classic “starving puppy would love some turkey” face

Homemade presents are always more fun

And everyone should try making a mason jar snow globe

Fresh scones to start the day right (credit to David Wantland)

And the rest of the Christmas breakfast spread

All that cooking and crafting can be exhausting…


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