The life of a perfect day

Its looks something like this:

0. Be DONE with all final exams, papers, etc. for Christmas break.

1. Wake up, spoon some yogurt, and head out to pick up a good friend (who happens to be returning from India) at the airport with a ridiculous sign, a balloon, and a big group of people.

2. On the way back to the Vista House, stop and get some coffee (in you favorite mug) at Leopard Forest. Sit around a round table and laugh about awkward pick-up lines and other silly things.

3. Hang out and do nothing.

4. Get everyone to go to the Cafe @ William’s Hardware for lunch. Order tomato-okra soup with cornbread and a side salad. Pay with a gift card.

5. Road trip to Asheville and back, listen to good music and soak in the mountain scenery.

6. Stop by CLOC and help some kids with their homework… follow with an impromptu Justin Bieber sing-a-long session during free time outside.

7. Go to the dance studio, turn the fluorescent overhead lights off, play your music loud, and freestyle.

8. Grab a few friends and go to Chipotle for dinner. Point out all the hipsters, joke about them, even though you think their ridiculous glasses are kind of cool.

9. Back at the house, put on your pajamas. Share a cozy blanket on the couch and watch a movie you can all laugh at.

10. Play some Beyonce and have a dance-off in the empty kitchen (which has been cleared for remodeling over the break).

11. Make a midnight snack of toast with peanut butter, banana slices, and chocolate chips. Lay out on the roof with awesome people, talk about life and point out constellations. See a shooting star, make a wish that another day as perfect as this one will come again soon.


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