Some people care

As we laid on the grass/crunchy fall leaves this afternoon, soaking up sun rays and watching Lily (the dog) run in circles, Mallory said something along the lines of, “Isn’t it crazy that the sun is billions of miles away and we can still feel its warmth?” Yes. Yes, it is. And that sun is fueling all life on this planet, giving us energy, setting everything in motion. If you haven’t watched this, you should:

Didn’t that just take your breath away? To think that God created all of this, His divine intelligence and creativity is beyond astonishing. Sometimes it’s hard to put into words. The reality humans have created is so false and so enslaving, so contrary to nature that the most essential concepts of Christianity seem alien to us – peace, equality, unconditional love, denial of pride, moderation. To quote Thomas More, “If we dismiss as out of the question and absurd everything which the perverse customs of men have made to seem alien to us, we shall have set aside most of the commandments of Christ, even in a community of Christians” and furthermore, “people would rather not change their lives to conform to Christ’s rule, and so, they have accommodated his teaching to the way people live.” That’s exactly what we do. The things that we should strive for are the things we label impossible, and when people actually attempt to speak out against the status quo, (Occupy Wall Street anyone?) nobody really knows how to react. Or they are so entrenched in a political party or certain social disposition that they automatically adopt the view of that majority without taking a second to think about it.

I can’t say that I’m not entirely hypocritical. I actively take part in the lifestyle of this messed up society. I attended my sorority’s semi-formal this past weekend and had a blast. I am part of the 1% in the global population with the resources to pursue a higher education. I live in abundance and excess. Being a Christian is not just about accepting Jesus Christ as your savior. It’s got to change the way you live. Why has it not? Because it’s hard to live a counter-cultural life? But living in society is not at all about conformity. It’s about pursuing the good of the whole. But who knows what’s best? If you sociology majors out there can’t tell, I’m in theory right now so I’ve spent this whole semester reading Marx, Weber, Durkheim, and now Bourdieu – and I’ve got to say I’m getting a little burned  out. While each of these major theorists provides great insight into the nature and function of society, I don’t know which one is right, and it seems like it is impossible to enact change in the system we’ve set up. The one thing encouraging about it all: some people care.

And now I will step down from my soap box. The past couple of weeks have been wonderful. Highlights:

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove came to stay at the house. We road-tripped to see him give an excellent sermon at a tiny baptist church in Hendersonville on Sunday, and he gave another moving speech at the forum on Monday on the Wisdom of Stability. He is incredibly intelligent, insightful, and humble. Check him out:

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous. Running outside is the best thing ever right now. Especially when a nice long run includes a rollerblading ski-pole man sighting. (I want to be him). Also, Mallory and I found Becca’s roller, and I’ve been spending a lot more time stretching. Long term goal: be as flexible as I was when I danced! Maybe take some dance classes in the Spring?

A picture I took of the house after an afternoon run

My idol

I went to a Peace Corps potluck for returned volunteers/future volunteers of South Carolina in Columbia and met some amazing people. Their stories were so inspiring, and the community they’ve formed in SC is so warm and inviting. When I arrived, I assumed that all of the older people must be the returned volunteers and the young people the future volunteers but that was not the case at all. One of the older women said, “I’ve raised my children and my grandchildren, I’ve done my job, and now I’m going to do something I’ve always wanted to do.” It took her two years to complete her medical evaluation, but she’s going to serve. So after that I realized I really need to get the rest of my medical work done! I’ve been in and out of the infirmary more times than I can count the past two weeks, but luckily I only have two more things to add to my file before it is complete!

Semi-formal was a blast, probably because Victor Orzco is the funnest date ever.

Victor and I in the Photobooth @ Semi-Formal

A more serious Semi-Formal picture

Volunteering at CLOC is awesome. I couldn’t go one week because I had a doctor’s appointment, and I seriously missed those kids. This week it was raining so we had free time inside, and the kids were insane! I forget how much fun I used to have, just running around and throwing balls at people. It’s so simple, but you look around and these kids are like… in heaven. With a couple of balls. I also realized I need to start brushing up on my long division and multiplication. Seriously. On Wednesday, one of the girls needed a lot of extra help with a math test she had gotten back, and I couldn’t remember for the life of me how to multiply 1546 x 23 without a calculator yall. I’m seriously going to do some homework before next Wednesday.

Evening With’s/Community meals have all been great. After the most recent one we took some pictures for our Christmad cards… I must say we’re pretty cool. And Allison is back! (We are still anxiously awaiting the returns of dear Drew and Becca, next semester will be quite the full house)

Kam excited about some really good food

Oh you know, just practicing our Christmas carols

Merry Christmas!

My sorority’s fundraiser, “Wings for Wishes” was a huge success! We had over 300 people attend, and it was a blast. The wing eating competition was “Furman entertainment at its finest.”

I’ve been getting back lots of good grades, which helps me justify the ridiculous amount of time I’ve been spending locked in the library. Which reminds me that I have six papers and an IRB application to write as well as an exam to study for. This weekend will be nothing but work, but it will be so worth it when I get to spend Thanksgiving relaxing with my family in Colorado!

And thus goes the digression of my post from divine beauty, to theory, to politics, to the mundanity of my life… and now I leave you to do homework. On Friday night.


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