Dorothy bonding

I think it’s safe to say that most people know I’m obsessed with my dog, Sadie. Every time I’m home we spend hours together – running on our favorite trails, playing fetch in the yard, rough-housing – you know, good dog stuff. She’s funnier than the funniest person I know. She’s cuter than the cutest person I know. She’s smarter than… well than most dogs. So this semester has been pretty difficult considering I haven’t seen her AT ALL. My parents are on sabbatical in Colorado, and I won’t get to visit until Thanksgiving. And it doesn’t help that my mom sends me the most adorable pictures…

Sadie in the first Colorado snow!

I think it’s safe to say most people know I’m not a huge cat person. After my experience house sitting with the two-faced cats this summer (the ones that wanted to cuddle and purr and get their fur all over my clothes, and then would go and crap on my stuff), I thought I could never trust a cat again. Little did I know, God had a greater plan. At the VH, we have a house cat – Dorothy. We get along I suppose, I’ll feed her when it’s my chore, sometimes I’ll give her a pat on the head. Cordiality rules our relationship. But the other night changed everything. Perhaps it was the cold winter chill moving through, maybe I was just missing Sadie too much, or it could have just been the poor pathetic look in her eyes… so Mallory and I decided to let Dorothy come inside, and sleep in our room. She ended up sleeping in my bed for most of the night, and I can’t say that I hated it. In fact, it was kind of nice. For once in my life, I finally understand cat people! I think this may be the start of a beautiful friendship…

Aside from my bonding with Dorothy, a lot has been going on here at the house! Our most recent “Evening With” dinner was quite successful. We had more people than usual, which stressed me out a tad – but it ended up being great! I made some baked sweet potato falafel, a raw tuscan kale salad, a carrot, dill and white bean salad, and apple cheesecake. I also had my pledge class over for dinner on Friday, which was so much fun – I haven’t spent as much time with them this semester as I would like (thanks to methods, theory, and h-n). We made four different pizzas, a garden salad, and some awesome pumpkin oatmeal white chocolate-chip cookies. It all turned out surprisingly well considering I didn’t really use any recipes. I think my improv abilities have improved significantly since I moved in.

These Apple Cheesecakes were well worth the long prep time!

Everyone around the table at the last “Evening With” dinner

Other happenings: Nathan moved in – which means Mallory and I changed rooms. We spent pretty much all day Saturday moving downstairs, with a brief multi-sport break (playing football, soccer, frisbee, volleyball, and basketball outside for about an hour with Jenna and David), and a celebratory watching of Sherlock Holmes (complete with Pumpkin Ale and popcorn) once we finished. I LOVE our new room. LOVE. I will have to post some pictures soon. I actually want to do an entry that is all pictures – everything is so beautiful right now. I went to the 5:45 am boot-camp class last week, and afterwards I sat outside with my journal and a cup of coffee and watched the sun rise through the fall trees – they were golden and glowing and they cast this incredible light on the field with the horses and it was just absolutely breath-taking.

Despite the fact that I have so much more I could write about, talking about that sunrise made me want to go outside… so I’m gonna go for a run instead of doing all of the homework I have yet to start!


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  1. It’s really great to see such a happy blog post from anyone, but especially from you!! I’m glad you’re enjoying your time at VH!!

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