The police

The police have had a surprisingly large presence in my life lately. From the small going away get-together I attended at a friend’s apartment that got “busted” by the campus police for being too loud, to the former officer now grocery bagger at Publix who shared his (very cool) life story with me while helping me load my bags, to the two cops that knocked on our door at eight this morning to inform us that one of the horses had escaped and was gallivanting along the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Each encounter has been quite unique. Just thought it was an interesting trend.

By the way, sorry about the lack of writing for the past month-ish… for all my die-hard followers.

So life at the Vista House has been beyond wonderful. It’s hard to describe actually. There’s such a great balance of personalities, and I’ve already started to grow pretty close with everyone. I love that we can have a blast just hanging out and cooking dinner, learning the wobble, playing charades, watching Planet Earth, or having good conversation. We just had our big party last weekend (T.R. Town Limits) and it was a great success! The band was jammin, the food was to die for, a ton of people came, and the homemade photobooth was pretty darn popular.

One of the many food tables at T.R. Town Limits

The photobooth with homemade props… and our matching flannel

In light of the fact that I haven’t written in quite some time, here are the highlights of the semester thus far:

I finally finished re-editing my video for LIFT (watch below!)

I had an interview in Atlanta for the Peace Corps which went VERY well and I will hopefully be departing for Sub-Saharan Africa in September 2012 PLUS I got to catch my brother afterwards over coffee

Alex came up to visit a couple weekends ago and we went to an awesome DJ Milkman concert, complete with a trippy light show and lots of dancing

Volunteering at CLOC (an afterschool program for ESL kids) has been so much fun, it’s probably my favorite part of the week. The kids are absolutely hilarious, and so precious.

Having my mom visit for parent’s weekend!

Cooking the community meals/Evening With dinners on Wednesdays has been such a great experience – I’ve been expanding my cooking/baking repertoire and I’m getting lots of practice preparing for larger groups – plus all of our speakers so far have been SO cool. Some of the things I’ve made – whole wheat pasta with a toasted walnut, parmigiano/pecorino and basil sauce – roasted vegetables with rosemary and olive oil – vanilla bread pudding – tomato soup – Jamaican vegetable turnovers – chocolate/coconut/oatmeal brownie cookies – apple crisp – all sorts of salads – etc

Took a roadtrip to Asheville with Lauren for an incredible Fleet Foxes concert, and met some cool people at a coffee shop afterwards… then got pulled over by the police (I forgot to add this to my earlier encounters) and DIDN’T get a ticket! :)

Morning prayer every weekday is such a blessing – it helps me get centered and keep my relationship with God active in my daily life

On that note, getting to lead the Chi Omega Bible Study has been awesome. I really, really enjoy our discussions and getting to know everyone on a deeper level – especially within a sorority, where things would often seem fake or forced. Plus it’s so inspiring to see the underclassmen defying expectations and trying to lead an alternative college life.

Reading lots of good books – for class (just finished reading a ton of Marx for Sociological Theory, reading some William Julius Wilson for my Urban Politics class, plus lots more good stuff), for the Vista House (we read Manna and Mercy – I would definitely recommend)

Going to Pumpkintown for a festival this past weekend with Heather, her sister Hannah, Sarah, and Kat. I LOVE festivals. :)


Senioritis has started to kick in… although I really enjoy the classes I’m taking, I am seriously lacking the energy and enthusiasm to do my work outside of class. I have a paper due and a midterm tomorrow… and another midterm Wednesday, and a ton of reading to do. But I could kind of care less…

But back to the good stuff, here’s the video!!!! ENJOY! Support LIFT!


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