21 Reflections

It’s official. The only thing I am still too young to do is rent a car. Don’t worry, I plan on celebrating my 25th birthday fully. I will rent a fancy BMW convertible and take a cross country road trip. I will sport some extra dark shades, let my hair blow in the wind, and blast obnoxiously loud classic rock music. Until then, I guess I’ll appreciate being 21.

My 21st birthday was awesome, beginning with a lovely breakfast on the back porch. I had a kale-onion-red pepper-egg scramble and a perfectly ripe peach, complete with left over Trader Joe’s coffee from Philly. My back porch is one of my favorite places on earth. The side screen is covered in beautiful jasmine vines that smell like heaven in the springtime, and the front screen looks out over my mother’s potted flowers and herbs to the back woods (mostly pines). The cicadas buzz loudly in chorus with the few confused crickets and the occasional twinkle from the wind chime. It is perfection. So, of course I sat out there for a couple of hours – first writing in my journal, then reading (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, it’s really good, you should read it). I had a wonderful lunch later with Kelly and Frances, then did some window shopping and hit up the gym before going out!

On my way to dinner, I passed Zach Teel, so of course we both pulled over to the side of the road, and I got one of his signature back-cracking hugs. What a fabulous unexpected run-in! I had dinner with all my Auburn girlfriends at Amsterdam, my favorite restaurant, where we split a bottle of Chianti (a wonderful Italian wine). Afterwards we headed over to Quixotes, where I wore a silly birthday tiara, accepted a couple free drinks, danced the night away, and caught up with old friends. I did not get drunk (sorry to disappoint), but I still danced and sang in the Waffle House parking lot to some great 80’s jams with Alexandra, Ali, Kelly, and Jasmine before enjoying my signature chocolate chip buttermilk waffle – so I would definitely call the night a success! Unfortunately my camera was dead, so I don’t have any pictures from the night. I think Kelly took a few, though! I’ll have to steal them.

It wasn’t until Thursday morning that I noticed the flowers on my front porch. Poor things were out for quite sometime, but they still look absolutely gorgeous! Thank you :) They kept me company in the kitchen today while I baked some flaxseed banana bread and cinnamon sunflower granola to take back to Furman tomorrow!

My beautiful birthday roses

Homemade cinnamon sunflower granola

Since my birthday I have attempted to go out twice. The first night I decided I was too tired, so Jasmine and I sat in her kitchen making chocolate covered espresso beans and chatting about life. The second night we actually made it out, visiting two different bars and leaving within five minutes. Instead we ended up at Auburn’s Campus Crusade for Christ Open Mic Night, which was quite cool. I guess the bar scene just isn’t for me!

Getting older is strange, but I can’t say I have much to complain about, the future is pretty exciting. Flash forward ten years, I’ll probably be in some foreign country, building awesome relationships and going on crazy adventures. Flash forward twenty years, maybe I’ll have a family and a garden and a spiritually fulfilling job… maybe I’ll still be traveling. Flash forward thirty years, I think I’ll write a book. Flash forward fifty years, I’ll probably get bored and want to go back to school. Flash forward seventy years, I’ll be racing down the nursing home halls in my wheelchair and dominating some bingo. And then at some point, I’ll finally get to go home and meet my Creator. I’ll sigh and every burden and hardship will float away like a dandelion puff in a summer breeze, and I’ll be overwhelmed with warmth and light.

Not bad.


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