I’m leaving this time

So my previous entry was kind of like a teaser for this entry. I just ACTED like I was leaving Philly, when really, I’m not leaving until this afternoon. I can’t believe summer is already over. It feels like it just started yesterday! Saying goodbye has been so hard this week. I seriously met SO MANY amazing, vibrant, compassionate, genuine, dynamic individuals and I can’t wait to hear from you all and see what you do with your lives.

My last day in Philadelphia was perfect. I didn’t have a nine-o-clock appointment so I was able to spend the beginning of the day hanging out in the office and asking people’s advice on what audiobook I should download for my drive home (I decided on The Art of Racing in the Rain). All of my client meetings were relatively productive, and after an entire summer of not meeting anybody with the same birthday as me, I met TWO in ONE DAY! I went for my last ever lunch break walk down Broad St. to the good old Fresh Grocer. My last client of the day was one I’ve grown very close to. He’s from El Salvador, so we bonded over our love for the country. Today he brought some amazing homemade pupusas (typical Salvadoran food) to the office as a goodbye present, and I cried.

Last night I went to an art show with my sister at the Philadelphia Magic Gardens for Coalition Ingenu. It’s a group that seeks to showcase outsider (self-taught) artists who create art for the benefit of engaging in the artistic process, whether it’s to share visions, exorcise demons, express things that have happened in their lives, or explore fantasy worlds. Many of the artists have suffered from mental illness or trauma. It was so, so, so cool. Plus there was live music, and the location was just incredible, it’s like walking through a dream. If you haven’t, you should really check it out. Oh, and while you’re at it, you should also go to Material Culture, another VERY cool place in Philly.

Picture I snapped of the music stand while the band was on break

Afterwards we went over to a friend’s apartment, ate pizza, drank wine, and talked until morning. The weather was perfect, we sat out on a beautiful balcony covered in all sorts of potted plants with Christmas lights draped across the brick walls, and there weren’t enough seats so we all just squished together. It was lovely.

And now, unfortunately, I really am leaving. The agenda: finish packing, squeeze in a quick workout, and drive seven hours to Roanoke (I’m doing the trip in two legs). Wish me luck!


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